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final version
June 17, 2002

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zTracker is a win32 only MIDI tracker/sequencer modeled after Impulse Tracker.

The project is currently closed.   The source code has moved to the ztracker github page.


  • 1:1 copy of Impulse Tracker interface
  • 64 track sequencer with variable 32-256 rows/pattern, 256 total patterns
  • easy use of multiple machines across multiple MIDI devices/interfaces
  • rock solid timing that tested as good as cubase (3/496ppqn error)
  • load/save compressed .zt files
  • volume/effect curve drawing in pattern editor
  • IT importing (thanks to lipid)
  • auto sync via midi-clock
  • .mid export
  • intelligent midi-in w/ slave to external sync
  • planned: realtime pattern player (a-la-rebirth)



>> Notice <<
     As of 0.96 we have not been releasing source zips. You can always get a fresh copy of the source from CVS (anon read access is allowed) or you can download the nightly CVS tarball [here].

required file current old

June 17, 2002 zt 0.981 Bunch of bug fixes and a few features (quit yes/no box, etc)
May 2, 2002 zt 0.971 Quick fixes to some serious bugs
March 15, 2002 zt 0.97 Many user-requested features, device naming, default song directory, and more..
March 15, 2002 zt 0.96 Few small fixes and updates
December 10, 2001 zt 0.95 (src) Fixed big bugs in playback code, implimented many user-requested features
November 1, 2001 zt 0.94 (src) Many many fixes and features. Many bugs/crashes fixed, including the problem with note-offs accross patterns. Added pdf manual and time display to play status.
22/8/2001 zt 0.93 (src) Tracker-mode fix, rewind, mouse mouse support, reverse bank select support, song duration calculator, and more fixes
20/8/2001 zt 0.923 (src) Tracker-mode (auto-noteoffs, acts like IT), midi out device selector focus bug, midi-in crash fix
19/8/2001 zt 0.922 (src) Fixed terrible pitch bug on midi device reset
19/8/2001 zt 0.921 (src) Fix to fullscreen mode and a few other serious fixes
17/8/2001 zt 0.92 (src) Fixes to fullscreen and windowed mode, new editing features, new editing view mode, and some more.
16/8/2001 zt 0.91 (src) Quick fixes to a number of bugs and a nice new skin
14/8/2001 zt 0.90 (src) Improved windowed mode, better MIDI in, multi-resolution and a huge number of fixes/changes.
6/7/2001 zt 0.85 (src) Bug fixes, supports MIDI Song Position Pointer.
5/10/2001 zt 0.84 Loads of features and fixes
4/23/2001 zt 0.83 Volume scale, many fixes, better help, and more
4/12/2001 zt 0.82 Lots of fixes and a bunch of nice features..
4/10/2001 zt 0.81 Some quick fixes, update to the .mid writer, and better help.
4/6/2001 zt 0.80 Another huge update.. get it.
12/19/2000 zt 0.70 Huge update.. check it out.
11/19/2000 zt 0.61 binary only Critical update to 0.60. This only contains the binary so you need the full 0.60 package.
11/17/2000 zt 0.60 Big update with lots of fixes
11/17/2000 all releases and source All the releases and their source code can be found here.

8/15/2001 libSDL 1.2.1 source code This source code is only needed if you want to recompile sdl.dll
8/15/2001 zlib 1.1.3 source code This source code is only needed if you want to recompile zlib.dll
8/15/2001 libpng 1.0.12 source code This source code is only needed if you want to recompile libpng2a.dll

8/15/2001 libCON 0.27d If you want to use a pre-0.90 version of zt, you need this DLL
11/30/2000 libCON This is required to use zt. If you are planning on using zt 0.60+, you need this version of libcon.


Q: Who is responsible for this?
A: Chris Micali, Nicolas Soudee, Austin Luminais and Daniel Kahlin.
Q: Why are there so many bugs.. this thing sucks, I cant use this to make music!
A: Lots of people already do. We do. If it doesnt work for you, use something else, or better, download the source, fix it and make it suite you, then send us the changes.
Q: What is the deal with this.. how is it being done?
A: zt is written in C++ with MSVC7. It uses the great libSDL. It runs in any 32bit resolution equal to or larger than 640x480, but it loads impulse tracker fonts and using custom font routines, it tries to trick you into thinking you're in text mode. Why? We're stuck in the past.
Q: Will there be sample support? When will it be implemented??
A: There will never be sample support. You can use a sampler, or use virtual sampler w/ an ASIO card. If we wanted sampling ability, we'd be using buzz.
Q: Where can I get the source code?
A: https://github.com/cmicali/ztracker
Q: What do I need to use zt?
A: Any modern PC running windows.
Q: How can I help?
A: The project is closed now, but you can always make some nice music.
Q: How do I use zt?
A: Check the PDF manual included in the download.
Q: The ( interface | design | program ) is ( ugly | lame | slow | poor | unusable )
A: Ableton Live is great
Q: The ( interface | design | program ) is ( awesome | great | lifechanging )
A: Great! Glad you like it! Thanks!

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